Corporate Research
The professional human resources that will state that the corporate investigations carried out can accuse their employees involved in crimes and allow to give rise to demands and unwanted publicity.
Senior executives may lose their jobs due to lack of judgment in the termination of a person without just cause. Employers will have a professional research company to handle cases.

Private Instigation
Valgroup INC. offers a specialist background investigation team. in application of international laws, in criminal justice and kidnapping.
To carry out in-depth background reports, our special agents look for primary sources (documents and electronic resources), judged visit, and other institutions, providing important information, such as taxes, criminal history or financial data.`

Research Specialists
We have experts in private and corporate research who have training and experience in state and / or private agencies, as well as ongoing national and international training in everything related to technical monitoring, surveillance, infiltration, document analysis and shelter. Scene of the crime, interview and interrogation, intelligence and counterintelligence. At the same time, our expert researchers have a series of technological and logistical resources that make this professional work objective and based on evidence. This, together with our sources of information in all the countries of the region, allows us to compromise our reputation with any investigation of financial, intellectual, private, corporate, labor, criminal property background checks. Each of our services, especially research, requires a lot of discretion and trust, so we put all our attention on this. Confidentiality and secrecy agreements are always signed.
The crime of brand forgery, especially in the pharmaceutical world, has become one of the most attractive businesses for the networks of illegal criminal organizations. There, our research professionals have been doing in conjunction with researchers in neighboring countries for a joint effort to prevent and combat this serious crime where the victim often a seriously ill patient who invests money in improving their health, but the networks Fake medications have been adulterated. Product labels and many times causing the death of this innocent person.

We investigate about:
• Profile of employment and employees.
• Measures for banks and law firms.
• Robbery investigation.
• Business intelligence.
• Unfair competition.
• Counterespionage.
• Falsification and product labeling.
• Brand of property.
• Counterfeit medicine area.
• Insurance claims.