We provide short and long term bodyguards and executive protection specialists, individuals, families and other high net worth individuals concerned about their personal safety in situations of uncertainty.

VIP Protection can also provide a special driver unit that guarantees the total safety of its customers and eliminates the potentially unscrupulous determination of an assailant to get them to arrive at their destination relaxed and ready to participate in the business or pleasure.

Transport service

The executive transport service has full logistical support to protect you during your stay in the host country, not only for executives, but also for tourists, politicians, religious or celebrities. the service is carried out in an armored or conventional vehicle. both services have an expert driver and constantly updated courses of defensive and evasive driving; and advanced tools to respond appropriately in demanding circumstances and help clients if first aid is required. In addition, vehicles have full operational logistical support, such as GPS tracking devices, monitored from an operations room 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; these transfer devices are for vehicles and people. In addition, these vehicles have radios, satellite phones, safety equipment and survival first aid kits to react to any accident. Finally, all conventional armored services, the executive transport is backed by a transport unit that operates 24 hours of immediate assistance in case of emergency.