We are a company specialized in VIP security, diplomatic, armored vehicles, corporate / private investigation and international criminal counseling.

Valgroup employs highly qualified personnel with experience in the field of physical security, personal security, electronic intelligence, surveillance, document analysis, financial fraud, counterfeiting, wiretapping, espionage, embezzlement and harassment. We also have trained personnel that specialize in the areas of personal protection and preventive management to guard and guarantee the physical safety of executives around the world.

To provide our clients with the opportunity to carry out, without consequences, their ambitions and desires.

To be recognized by our employees and customers as Akademische Ghostwriter ist nicht kostbar Ghostwriter the best option in security and research services in all countries and scenarios where we have presence.

Continually innovate in the development of programs and services aimed at creating a safe and reliable environment for people, companies and institutions; incorporating in all the processes, added value, technology, specialized talent and passion for an excellent job whose results result in the success and total satisfaction of our clients and that allows us, in turn, to grant our employees and shareholders, social welfare and quality of life.

We are committed to offer services that allow us to create safe environments and scenarios for our clients, innovating in flexible, competent solutions of unquestionable quality; through the permanent development of our human talent and continuous improvement of all our processes.

Quality objectives:
• Attract the attention of people, companies and institutions that are consistent with our principles and values.
• Establish lasting business relationships.
• exceed the expectations of our customers and potential customers.
• ensure responsible, sustainable and profitable growth in all areas of the business.
• Continuously train our employees and suppliers in the modernization of our schemes and processes.

Our values ​​are the basis on which our organization stands and the best reference that characterizes us and leads to success.
• Commitment: in the responsibility accepted for the achievement of the objectives of our clients and our organization.
• Honesty and Transparency: in respect for our employees, customers and suppliers, by expressing ourselves with coherence and authenticity.
• Passion for Excellence: in the vehement delivery of our best effort, ideas, thoughts and actions in everything we do.
• Leadership: in everything we undertake and that allows us to achieve the objectives with the least effort and quickly through teamwork and motivation.
• Teamwork: by integrating, communicating effectively and joining forces together to multiply the achievements.
• Discipline: to face all challenges with order, character and efficiency without the need for control or surveillance.
• Confidence: by cultivating every relationship with our employees, customers and suppliers with integrity.
• Human Sense: seeing the other always as a person, never as an instrument.
• Appreciation: with the business that we have built together and the opportunities that this has given us.